Nymbus - Core Processing Solution
Our revolutionary core banking solution is everything a bank needs to evolve with their customers.
credit card services, bank services
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What can our modern technology do
for your financial institution?

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Build New Products

Our flexible, scalable SmartCore platform will adapt to support your business growth and can be configured quickly to enable a myriad of customized new product and service options.

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Grow Revenue

Take advantage of logic that presents cross-sell opportunities for your staff and creates customized fee programs for your products. Utilize our credit card management system with an array of options.


Our platform gives you the opportunity to upgrade from your legacy technology and evolve with your audience.

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Improve Productivity

Our next generation, all-in-one core processing system with single sign-on, combined with a modern user-friendly interface, results in more effective staff and more satisfied clients.

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Increase Security

Reduce your risk by adopting an IT infrastructure built with the highest security protocol in the industry, utilizing a private hosting environment.

Easier Reporting

Satisfy compliance requirements easier by customizing and access any report from one system.

Real Time Analytics
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