Evolved core banking software - NYMBUS
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Core Processing. Evolved.

  • Holistic system with single sign on
  • Seamless integrations
  • Intuitive, Modern User Interface
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Secure Private Hosting

Your Dashboard. Your Way.

Access the data you need on a daily basis from one view.
Drag and drop modules to change the order and set hierarchy. Add or delete modules based on your needs.

nymbus banking software dashboard

Intuitive, Modern User Interface

Our SmartCore platform user interface is clean, uncluttered and easy-to-use. We keep it simple, which allows you to find the things you need and give you an efficient workspace on any device.

Single Sign-On

Don’t worry about memorizing multiple passwords or spending time jumping from application to application to get work done. NYMBUS makes users faster, more productive and happier by letting them access everything they need with one sign on.

Super Search

Our semantic search lets you find any piece of data quickly. Type in anything, from customer name, account number, transaction type and more. Get immediate and detailed search results and launch the page immediately.


It All Starts With The Customer

Knowing more about your customers has never been easier. Detailed customer pages, with built-in CRM features,  give you the data you need all in one place. Easily access accounts and action them. See profile information, customer specific documents, notes and more.

customer feature nymbus

Customer Scoring

Our scoring system (based on a set of customizable rules) assigns a score or star rating to each customer, letting you know exactly how much that customer means to the financial institution.

Cross-Sell Opportunities

Based on data available on every customer, you’ll be automatically alerted regarding cross-selling opportunities and then be able to capitalize on the opportunities.


Have the extended family, friends or co-workers of a known customer documented right in the system of record. Start gathering relevant information on them for the right marketing opportunities.

Online & Mobile Banking

With a single sign on from anywhere, our secure online and mobile banking experience makes it easy for users to do their banking where and when it’s most convenient, ensuring customer loyalty, attracting new customers and maximizing cross-selling opportunities, while letting them work with all their accounts including loans, credit cards and loyalty.

nymbus core banking multi platform

Interactive Statements

Easily organize your finances with a system that provides you complete control over transactions. Add notes, tag entries and distinguish between corporate or personal expense.

Personal Finance Management

Set spending goals and track budgets for any category. Our personal finance management tools make it easy and even fun to keep tabs on your spending.

Multiple Account Management

NYMBUS provides customers one holistic view of all their current accounts including credit cards, loans and loyalty programs.

Onboarding As Easy as 1, 2, 3

Expedite new account openings utilizing our efficient onboarding process with pre-filled fields, data capture from ID cards, quick verifications and easy document uploads. Any workflow requiring the collection of personal data is made simple with our platform.

screenshot onboarding nymbus

Imaging & Document Management

Following a paper trail has never been easier. Fully digital workflows, checks and balances guarantee full auditing for all your content, ensuring governance, risk and compliance requirements are followed and quality-assurance standards are met.

Easy Document Management

Create a folder hierarchy that works for you. Remember common searches, easily access forms or create folders for active projects for quick retrieval.

Track History

Know the history of every document, from the time it’s uploaded, every time it’s opened and by whom.

Comments & Notes

For every document, users can leave comments or notes, creating a dialogue regarding the document that follows it, making content creation and gathering much more effective.


A single application that provides support of all traditional deposit products – savings accounts, personal checking, commercial checking, time deposits, retirement accounts, money desk and more.

nymbus deposit screenshot

Integrates with Lending

Integration with lending for easy use of funds for payments and as collateral accounts.


Bill Pay and Transfers

Support of bill pay and transfers.

Card Services

Complete range of debit, credit, ATM and prepaid card services with real-time card management.


A single application that provides support of all traditional loan products – mortgages, home equity loans, personal loans, HELOCs, personal line of credit and consumer installment loans. The life of the loan account starts when the application is received and it gets into our automated pipeline. As data and documents are collected they are added to the loan profile so when it’s time to book the loan, all the key information is already there.


Pre-Loaded Reports

Customize your own reporting dashboard or use our pre-loaded graphic reports to track logins, transaction volume, mobile usage, average balance by checking account and anything else you want specialized insight into.

Private, High Security Hosting Environment

We offer a highly skilled team of cloud specialists and architects to manage networking, IT processes, databases, application servers, reporting tools and other critical IT functions. Our team ensures cloud computing best practices are followed and applied. This includes system monitoring, upgrading the software and performing standard system maintenance, setting up new servers, providing fail-over exercises, dealing with 3rd party system vendors (Oracle, IBM, VMWare, etc).


Seamless Integrations

NYMBUS SmartCore is a flexible platform built with an open architecture and open APIs for easy integration with all third party software within your bank or credit union – creating one holistic system, automating workflows and providing one data set.

Real Time Analytics