Unique online banking solution from front to back office
Our revolutionary operating system is everything a bank needs to evolve with their customers.
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Website Design & Maintenance

NYMBUS offers design and development of a modern, attractive and engaging website for new and existing customers.  Make it easy for them to find your product offerings, while offering “sticky” content thats relevant and useful. All in a multichannel, responsive web design.

Item Processing

NYMBUS item processing services can help integrate receivables, digitize workflows to eliminate paper and accelerate deposits and payments across multiple channels.

Credit & Debit Card Services

NYMBUS offers a full-service processing solution for both debit and credit cards, letting you give your customers  more purchasing power at point-of-sale and providing cash access at ATMs worldwide, including a very intuitive card portal with features such as loyalty, travel services, and interactive statements, designed to drive card usage.

Marketing Services

Let NYMBUS help you engage and retain customers with our award-winning marketing team, offering strategy, creative, print and digital marketing, email marketing and a robust set of analytics tools to ensure the most effective and continuous audience outreach programs.

nymbus statments

Statements Rendering & Mailing

NYMBUS statement services focuses on developing and delivering easy-to-read statements in both print and digital media, including targeted ads and internal promotional content to generate interest and revenue.

Real Time Analytics