Niche is the
New Local

Go beyond zip code and tech stack to reach new market segments.

Collegiate, by MSUFCU. Developed by Nymbus Labs
Labs is a unit within Nymbus that explores the art of the possible. Creating, building and growing successful digital banks.

Nymbus Labs

Nymbus Labs builds and launches financial brands based on data and insights.

Powered by a parallel tech stack for speed to market and affordability, our clients include banks, credit unions and commercial brands.

Watch the videos below to learn more about our approach and work:

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About Nymbus Labs (1:08)

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Nymbus Labs Virtual World (5:30)

How it works

Three Ways to Work:


Customize and launch a niche from our portfolio.


Validate and launch a concept you already have in mind.


Identify, create and launch a niche from scratch.

Client Spotlight


Digital banking and financial education for students.

Locality Bank

Personalized SMB banking for South Florida.


A bank to help new couples set healthy financial habits – together.


Banking and debt-management resources for recent graduates


A savings account that's fun!


Grow savings with Zynlo round up.