TransPecos Banks Selects NYMBUS to Launch

A New Digital-Only Brand for Medical Professionals

MIAMI – September 17, 2018 – NYMBUS®, the world’s most advanced revenue and technology solutions company, today announced TransPecos Banks has selected NYMBUS SmartLaunch™ to outsource the operation of its new digital bank brand, BankMD. Already serving its established banking customers throughout three regional locations in West Texas, SmartLaunch supports TransPecos Banks’ latest business transformation strategy to stand up a separate digital brand for expanding its digital reach and engaging loyal new consumers and revenue opportunities.

“We entered 2018 with a goal of improving all of our customer experiences and developing targeted products and services for specific customer types, but quickly realized that our current technology was not capable of delivering the experiences, innovative solutions or services that met our or our customers’ expectations,” said Dub Sutherland, Vice President and Secretary of TransPecos Financial Corp., bank holding company of TransPecos Banks. “What attracted us to NYMBUS was the ability for SmartLaunch to rapidly support our new standalone BankMD brand and provide a modern customer experience to this targeted digital audience of medical professionals. NYMBUS does this with no disruption or cost to our existing bank infrastructure and they are willing and able to integrate with our cloud-based loan origination platform. Not only does this eliminate the need to manage another project or go through a technology conversion, but also the risks and obstacles we’ve previously faced while exploring digital transformation strategies.”

Recognizing that innovation has to happen immediately for financial institutions to compete and stay relevant, NYMBUS recently introduced SmartLaunch as a low-risk digital brand alternative that can be up and running in record time to quickly generate sustainable new deposits and revenue. This Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) model outsources the entire operation of a bank’s digital brand—from a customer-facing call center to back-office operations to targeted digital marketing and website services—to the company’s team of industry banking experts. SmartLaunch is also built on NYMBUS’ modern, digital-first SmartCore® platform, which bypasses the need to undergo a technology conversion. The legacy operation isn’t disrupted and no additional staff is required.

“TransPecos is not alone, as more financial institutions recognize the land grab opportunity to establish a digital-only bank brand for revenue protection and growth,” said David Mitchell, President of NYMBUS. “What we are pioneering is a strategy to help financial institutions with a business transformation which is focused on keeping their core competencies and shedding non-core operations to NYMBUS’ best-practice sourcing center.”

Furthered Mitchell, “Assembling all of the required technical and human components would typically burden an organization’s time-to-market and bottom line. SmartLaunch resolves these barriers to entry by providing all of the necessary technology, expert staff and full marketing support to ensure that the new brand gets maximum exposure to quickly and efficiently capture its new targeted audience.”

Specific to TransPecos Banks, SmartLaunch is delivering outsourced support for BankMD—their separate digital-only brand that is focused on serving the unique financial needs of medical professionals. Financial institutions can also use their established market brand for introducing a digital bank with SmartLaunch. In either scenario, NYMBUS handles this in as few as 90 days under the institution’s existing charter.

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NYMBUS provides the world’s most advanced revenue and technology solutions for today’s financial institutions. From SmartCore, SmartDigital™ and SmartPayments™, our flagship digital technology platforms, to SmartLaunch, our full-service and standalone digital brand alternative, NYMBUS enables financial institutions to digitally transform their businesses.

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